Power Grower Combo On Sugarcane: An Update

Power Grower Combo On Sugarcane: An Update
Toto Barcelona and Alfonso G. Puyat with sugarcane sprayed with Power Grower Combo.

When we traveled to Central Luzon with Toto Barcelona and Alfonso G. Puyat last October 8 2013, we passed by the experimental sugarcane plants Mr. Puyat sprayed with Power Grower Combo in Tarlac City. In his experiment, four rows were sprayed with his formulation and the adjacent four rows were not sprayed.

We really saw the big difference between the unsprayed and the sprayed cane plants. Those sprayed plants have bigger stems and there are more stems per hill.  Toto Barcelona who is from Negros, the sugar capital of the Philippines, showed us a practical way of estimating the tonnage per hectare by just looking at the plants.
By the looks of the sprayed plants, each cane will easily weigh 1.5 kilos at harvest time. Multiply that by the number of canes per hill, and then by the number of canes per hectare. You will get the approximate tonnage per hectare. Toto knows the usual number of hills per hectare so he was able to estimate the tonnage per hectare.
Mr. Puyat gave us also a very important information. By spraying the cane plants about two months before harvest with his Heavy Weight Tandem, the gibberellins in the plant will be neutralized and so the plant will stop elongating. Instead, it will devote itself to producing more sugar. Thus the sugar content of the juice will increase and the sugar yield will be higher.
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