Power Grower Combo on Variegated Calamansi

Power Grower Combo on Variegated Calamansi

THE Profuse fruiting of this variegated calamansi is the result of spraying with Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem, two special fertilizer formulations by Alfonso G. Puyat.

The Power Grower Combo induces the plant to take up plant nutrients in the soil so it becomes strong and prepared for heavy fruiting. About three weeks after spraying with PGC, flowers emerged.

It was at this juncture that the plant was sprayed with Heavy Weight Tandem, a formulation with high potash content and with 11 chelated micronutrients. The HWT fascilitates the transfer of the synthesized plant food in the leaves to the flowers and developing fruits. This results in better fruitset, more uniform fruits that are also more juicy.

How can you avail yourself of the Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem? Text your complete name and address to 0917-841-5477. You will receive a textback telling you how you can buy the two special fertilizers.

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