Power Grower Combo Works Wonders On Tobacco

Frederick Pinpinio showing a big leaf of
his Burley tobacco sprayed with Power
Grower Combo.

A special fertilizer that has been proven to more than double the yield of sugarcane and fruit trees also does wonders on Burley tobacco. This is the Power Grower Combo, a plant growth promotant formulated by Alfonso G. Puyat.

Earlier, the special fertilizer formulation doubled the yield of sugarcane in the farm of Mauro Merculio in Victoria, Tarlac. This time, the trial in a farmer’s farm in Balungao, Pangasinan, shows the yield of Burley tobacco could be more than doubled with the Power Grower Combo.

Frederick Pinpinio of San Miguel, Balungao, Pangasinan has a standing crop of Burley tobacco on one hectare from which he has harvested two times as of this writing. His tobacco plants that were sprayed just two times with the Puyat growth enhancer have grown to about six feet tall whereas the plants of the unsprayed  adjacent field were mostly four feet or less in height.

The sprayed plants produced much bigger and more numerous leaves. The leaves of the sprayed plants were two feet long and one foot wide. On the other hand, leaves of the unsprayed plants measured only 17 inches long and seven inches wide. When the leaves were dried in the sun, as is the usual practice in Burley tobacco, the dried leaf of the sprayed plant weighed 12 grams whereas the one of the unsprayed plant was 5.1 grams.

As per the estimate of Frederick, one plant could yield as much as one kilo of dried leaves. He has planted 15,000 plants in the one hectare that he rented for P5,000 per planting cycle. That means, he could possibly harvest about 15 tons from one hectare. At the usual price last year of P70 per kilo, the 15 tons could be worth more than one million pesos. Even if the yield is only ten tons, that would still give the grower P700,000.

Compared to corn, which is also a major crop in Pangasinan, tobacco requires more labor to produce. The cost of production includes the cost of seedlings which is supplied by the buyer of the cured leaves at 70 centavos per seedling. The other costs are land preparation, fertilizer, daily attention to the plants while they are growing to prevent insect infestation, irrigation, cost of harvesting, sticking and drying. At any rate, Burley tobacco is still profitable to grow.

According to the National Tobacco Administration, Burley tobacco is being produced largely in Pangasinan which accounts for 51 percent of local Burley production. The other provinces growing Burley tobacco are Tarlac (16%), Nueva Ecija and Mindoro.

The NTA adds that there are about 11,376 farmers involved in planting Burley tobacco on 7,198 hectares.

The good thing about Burley tobacco is that unlike Virginia tobacco, it is not cured in flue-curing barns. Burley is dried in the sun like the native tobacco.

Burley is a light colored aromatic tobacco that is used in making cigarettes. About 75 percent of local production is used by local cigarette manufacturers. The rest is exported to countries like the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia and Japan.
Frederick Pinpinio is dwarfed by
tobacco plants sprayed with Power
Grower Combo
There’s a very big difference between the
Burley tobacco sprayed with Power
Grower Combo (left) and the unsprayed
tobacco plants at right.

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Zac B. Sarian (left) with Frederick Pinpinio
in his farm in San Miguel, Balungao,
Pangasinan on February 24, 2013.
NOTE: Those who would like to buy Power Grower Combo could text their full name and address to 0917-841-5477. A text will be sent telling how you can order the special fertilizer, including Heavy Weight Tandem, another formulation of Mr. Alfonso Puyat that makes fruits bigger, more uniform, sweeter in the case of citrus and other fruits that are sour.
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