Powered by Puyat’s Special Fertilizers

Powered by Puyat's Special Fertilizers
From left: Wilma Tacbas, Efren Jerusalem and Billy Gamboa. Photo taken Nov. 6, 2013. The fruits are bagged to protect them from fruitflies.

This profusely fruiting Vietnam pummelo at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal has become a favorite place for taking pictures by visitors.

The heavy fruiting could be attributed to the spraying with Power Grower Combo and the Heavy Weight Tandem of Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat. These special fertilizers are sprayed on the leaves of plants. They work well with fruit trees, vegetables, sugarcane, tobacco, ornamental plants, rice, corn and many others.

Posing with the fruitful Vietnam pummelo are Wilma S. Tacbas, Efren Jerusalem and Billy Gamboa of SAE Products Marketing Corporation of Makati City.

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