A Practical Urban Gardening Technique

A showcase by SM Foundation in a demo farm in Baguio.

Here’s a very doable idea for growing vegetables in urban areas. Take four old truck tires, place them in a vacant area reached by the sun. Fill up the hollow portion of the tires with rich mixture of organic fertilizers like Durabloom or vermicast, carbonized rice hull and 30 percent garden soil Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Then you can plant your favorite vegetables. In the picture above, the SM Foundation’s KSK Farmers Training Program showcased planting a flowering plant in the middle and surrounding it with lettuce. Of course, other vegetables can be grown like shallot, pakchoi, mustard, Chaisim, upland kangkong and the like. Ampalaya, sitao and cucumber may also be grown by providing them with stakes or trellis to climb on.

Make sure that the plants are regularly watered. For fast growth spray the plants with organic foliar fertilizer such as Supravim, Durabloom liquid, Amino Plus and the like.

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