Presentable Packaging Of ‘Ubod’ At Talad Thai Market

One that attracted our attention during our latest visit to the Talad Thai Market north of Bangkok was the very clean and hygienic-looking packaging of the coconut heart or “ubod” which we use in the Philippines in making fresh lumpia. The coco hearts are stripped of its skin and then packed in transparent plastic so that the buyer can see what is inside.

Coconut heart or “ubod” very clean and hygienic-looking.

It Filipino agri-preneurs can do the same, the ubod can become a bestseller in upscal supermarkets. For commercial production, coconut seedlings are planted in three’s near each other, or planted individually just a meter apart and when they are three years old or when they have developed a reasonable size of their “ubod” the plants are harvested.

Talald Thai Market is easily the biggest wholesale market for agri products with its area of 72 hectares and 20 markets of different farm commodities, including oranic fish, pork, ornamental plants and the major varieties of crops like fruits, vegetables, spices and many more.

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