PROBLEM WORKERS! Here’s how neophyte farmer solved his problem

Jay planted hot pepper aside from other vegetables.

Jay who was new in farming  grew high-value vegetables on two hectares of rented land. Like many other farmers, he had encountered  what may be called birth pains. But he was able to solve his problem with a simple solution.

What was his problem? At first he got farm workers who were all men. The first leader had made the farm house a “virtual motel.”  Many of the workers spent the night in beer houses so they could not work properly during the daytime.

How did Jay solve his problem?  Very simple. He fired the leader and in his place recruited two “Manangs” to join the work force of ten. The two older responsible women disciplined the young male workers.

Problem solved!

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One thought on “PROBLEM WORKERS! Here’s how neophyte farmer solved his problem

  1. I also experienced this. Men cannot work properly much more if they are in large groups and not a single female who can guide them. In my case, my father needs the guidance of my stepmother. Without her, our farmworks will be left untouched due to fathers nasty habit of procastination.

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