PROBLEM WORKERS: His stepmother helped solve his problem.

Alfredo Yusay was a prawn farmer who dismissed his all-male workers and replaced them with an all-women crew.

Merk who read our story about Jay and his wayward male workers in our blog, agreed that all-male workers are often hard to manage. He sent his comment through our blog.

“I also experienced this. Men cannot work properly much more if they are in large groups and not a single female who can guide them.” 

In his case, it took his stepmother to help discipline the workers. Without her helping Merk’s father, no work could be done due, in his own words, to his father’s “nasty habit of procrastination.” 

There you are. Woman power!

CASE NO.2 – We remember Alfredo Yusay of Bacolod City who was a prawn farmer. We met him in the mid-90s. He also had a serious problem with his all-male workers because they spent the nights in beer gardens. Hence, they could not work properly during the day. Sometimes they would get into trouble when they were drunk.

HIS SOLUTION? – He dismissed all the male workers and replaced them with an all-female crew who were knowledgeable in prawn farming since they were fishery graduates. He was very happy with the results because the women did not spend the nights in beer gardens.

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