PROCRASTINATION: Memoir Of An Agri Journalist

Longkong lanzones, sweet and juicy.

One weekend in August 2009, Vic invited his friends to a lanzones and durian party in his farm in Batangas.
There were several of us, including his cousin Jaypee (not his real name), who operated a gasoline station in Manila.

We really had a grand time eating Vic’s harvest because his Longkong lanzones were so sweet and juicy, and so were his durian. Vic also had enough fruits for us to bring home, including calamansi, guyabano and his balut. Yes, he made a lot of balut for his outlets in Manila.

First Class Durian.
Jaypee also enjoyed eating the fruits but he said he had one big regret. You see, he and Vic bought their farms at about the same time. Vic, however, immediately started planting after buying his property while Jaypee did not do anything.

I heard him mutter: “If I had followed what Vic did, I would also be harvesting my own fruits today.”
Well, that’s what happens when you procrastinate.

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