Produce P360,000 Worth Of Saba Banana In One-Fourth Hectare

This is a very expensive hand of Saba banana in a supermarket in Pasig City. P170 for 17 fingers!

If you manage your Saba banana plantation right, you could produce P360,000 worth of fruits in one-fourth hectare (2,500 sq.m) in the second year after planting. That’s the experience of Ponchit Ponce Enrile in a farm he managed in Lipa City.

What’s the right management? Plant tissue-cultured seedlings or suckers in rows that are 2.5 meters apart. The seedlings are  planted 2 meters apart within the row. Allow just two plants to mature and bear fruit per hill. That means 500 hills in one-fourth hectare. The plantation should be regularly weeded and the old leaves regularly removed.

Fertilizing is very important. Apply 50 grams of urea per hill every month. Upon shooting, when the new leaves become shorter in preparation for blossom emergence, add to the 50 grams of urea 50 grams of muriate of potash (0-0-60).

With the fertilization recommended, the two bunches per hill will produce an average ot 360 fruits (180 per bunch) which sell ex-farm at P2 per fruit. That means P720 worth of fruits per hill. Since there are 500 hills in one-fourth hectare, the gross is P360,000 or about P1,000 per day in the second year!

Saba banana in the market.
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