Produce Your Own Kangkong Seeds

Produce Your Own Kangkong Seeds
Upland Kangkong in bloom.

YOU CAN produce your own upland kangkong seeds for planting. You just allow your plants to mature and bear flowers that will eventually produce seeds. The seeds you harvest will readily germinate whether you plant them direct in the plot are in a plastic seedling tray.

Upland kangkong produces a lot of seeds. The trick is not to harvest the shoots for cooking so that they will produce seeds. Photo shows a flowering upland kangkong. Dry the seeds before planting. If you don’t plant them immediately, store them in the refrigerator.

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5 thoughts on “Produce Your Own Kangkong Seeds

  1. Mr Sarian,

    I was just wondering if the seeds of upland kangkong can be grown and once roots have been established, to be made into aquatic kangkong? In other words, instead of transferring the upland kangkong seedlings to the soil, they will be transferred into a pond to become aquatic. Is that possible?


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