Productive Life of Mungo Prolonged

Fenando Gabuyo (right) and Zac B. Sarian with mungo
pods being dried in the sun.
Mungo sprayed with Puyat’s products
produce long pods and productive life
life is prolonged.

A couple who grows mungo in between the wide rows of their calamansi trees are very happy these days because they have significantly prolonged the productive life of their plants.
They are Fernando and Erlinda Gabuyo of Brgy. Tondod, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. On the first week of January this year, they planted mungo in between their calamansi trees for two good reasons. One is that mungo can be a profitable cash crop. The other purpose is to increase the organic content of their soil. Mungo is a legume and it can fix nitrogen from the air into the soil.
At first they were very disappointed because they hardly got anything from their first harvest about 45 days from planting. Their plants were ravaged by insect pests. Worms ate the leaves and the fruits so they hardly got anything of value.
Then came Alfonso G. Puyat, an economist who has been doing his own serious agriculture research, particularly in enhancing plant growth with his own formulations, and also working on how to protect the crops from pests and diseases.
Earlier, he had developed the Power Grower Combo which is applied in combination with ANAA, a plant growth regulator that has been used by farmers for a long time now. Then he is coming out with a new formulation that he calls Silikon, also a fertilizer which would discourage plant pests to attack the plants.
Puyat encouraged  the Gabuyo couple to apply his Power Grower Combo and his Silikon to their dying mungo plants that were ravaged by pests. Lo and behold! The insects went away. They were not killed but they must have deserted the place because they probably did not like the plants. Puyat explains that his Silikon is not a poison. In fact, the material is part of what we eat every day. Probably, it just makes the plants not palatable for the insects.
What excites the Gabuyo couple is that their mungo plants have become productive again. Fernando relates that normally, the mungo plant deteriorates after a few harvests. The leaves become brown and the plants die within a short time.
After spraying the plants with Power Grower Combo and Silikon, the stems where the previous fruits were harvested produced new flowers and leaves. And since then, Mrs. Gabuyo said, three women have been harvesting the ripe pods every other day. Sometimes they are able to harvest 15 kilos of seeds which sell for P120 a kilo, or a total of P1,800 worth of seeds per harvest.
They expect to harvest from their mungo plants for at least a few more weeks.

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