PROFITABLE GOAT CHEESE: If you can make it the way Toti Almeda does!

Toti pouring fresh goat milk into a huge stainless cauldron where the milk is cooked.

We have made our computations on how profitable it is to convert fresh goat milk into cheese based on prices of materials supplied by Toti Almeda of Alaminos Goat Farm.

Remember Toti? He is the fellow who makes goat milk cheese while he is locked down by Covid-19 in his home in Biñan, Laguna. We featured him in this blog.

TOTAL COSTS – Here are the costs per batch: 33 liters of milk at P150 each = P4,950; rennet, culture and salt = P260; and labor for Toti and 2 assistants, P200 each per batch. They can do 3 batches in one day. So the total labor cost per batch is P600. That’s a total cost of P4,810.

TOTAL VALUE – Now the total value of cheese out of 33 liters of milk. The yield is 4.2 – 4.5 kg cheese per batch. The 4.2 kg cheese amounts to 42 packs of cheese weighing 100 grams each and sold ex-farm at P150. That’s a cool P6,300! There’s an additional value of P1,490 per batch using 33 liters of milk. On a per liter basis, the added value of one liter of milk turned into cheese is P45.15. This is obtained by dividing P1,490 by 33 (the number of bottles).

You can figure out how much would be the value added if the yield is 4.5 kilos of cheese per batch of 33 liters of fresh milk. Profitable, isn’t it? But of course!

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