PROLIFICA-L: A Wilt-Resistant New Hybrid Eggplant

PROLIFICA-L: A Wilt-Resistant New Hybrid Eggplant
PROLIFICA-L: A Wilt-Resistant New Hybrid Eggplant
Brgy. Chairman Bersame Granil (left) and her buyer posing with her harvest for the day.

CARLOS SAPLALA, president of SeedWorks, was understandably proud to show us the plantings of Prolifica-L, a new commercial variety of eggplant that occupies at least 97 hectares of the 100 hectares devoted to eggplant in Brgy. Santiago, Gerona, Tarlac.

Starting last year, almost a hundred percent of the farmers in the rainfed village of Santiago had shifted to planting Prolifica-L after they have observed the performance of the new variety that was planted by Alex Granil.

PROLIFICA-L: A Wilt-Resistant New Hybrid Eggplant
Marissa Soriano-Lingat, trader, buys 1,500 to 2,000 kilos of Prolifica-L everyday which she distributes to Pampanga, Zambales and to the Balintawak Market in Metro Manila.

What’s the reason for their shifting? First, the new variety is resistant to bacterial wilt which is a very serious disease of eggplant and tomatoes. Thus, the variety will do well during the rainy season, which is the off-season for vegetables like eggplant. Because of this, the farmers can sell their harvest at a high price since there is usually limited supply.

And that is very true. The farmers are enjoying selling their harvest at P58 to P60 per kilo  at this time (August 10) which is much higher than the usual P16 per kilo during ordinary season.

PROLIFICA-L: A Wilt-Resistant New Hybrid Eggplant
Carlos Saplala, president of SeedWorks, poses before eggplant plantation where eggplants are grown all you can see.

Another valuable trait of Prolifica-L is that it has a very good shipping quality. It will remain fresh longer than most varieties in the market. Marissa Soriano-Lingat, a trader, attests to that. She said that the  eggplants she delivers to distributors at the Balintawak market are preferred for shipping to Bicol because they don’t easily wilt.

Because of the good shipping and shelf life qualities, the traders can even price their Prolifica-L about P5 more per kilo than the other varieties in the market, according to Marissa.

The new variety is also prolific. One of the growers is Kagawad Maximo Jose who planted 6,000 plants on a half-hectare land last April 25. By June 25, he started harvesting every four days. By the third harvest, he was picking 350 kilos from the 6,000 plants. A few days before our interview (August 10, 2014), he harvested 150 kilos which he sold for P9,000. The next day after our visit, he was again scheduled to harvcest from his plants.

In Santiago, practically every household plants eggplant, particularly Prolifica-L this time. Even the lady chairman of Brgy. Santiago, Bersame Granil, is a big grower. She has about 15,000 hills this time and is harvesting about 500 kilos a week. That 500 kilos were sold at P58 per kilo on the day of our visit to a trader other than Marissa Lingat. There are 12 big traders buying the harvests from Santiago. And each one buys everyday 1,500 to 2,000 kilos. That’s big money going to the economy of the community and that’s the reason why they were very happy when we interviewed them.

PROLIFICA-L: A Wilt-Resistant New Hybrid Eggplant
Simemon Bautista of SeedWorks and Alex Granil, cooperator, inspecting Prolifica-L in the field.

One fellow who was responsible for influencing the farmers to plant Prolifica-L is Simeon Bautista, a technical representative of SeedWorks in Central Luzon. You can contact him at 0933-920-7905, or Carlos Saplala at 0917-885-1440. You may also contact Paul Ibabao at 0917-545-5011.

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