PROLIFICA: Why are so many farmers looking for this eggplant?

A happy lady farmer showing the big fruits of Prolifica.

NOW AND THEN we receive inquiries from various parts of the country asking where they can buy seeds of the the Prolifica eggplant which we have written in print media as well as in our blog.

A farmer and his harvest of Prolifica.

Why? Well, they have good reasons to plant also this variety for very good reasons. Just like the farmers in Brgy. Santiago in Gerona, Tarlac who have been planting no less than 108 hectares to this variety and no other else since a few years ago, according to Simeon Bautista, North Luzon area manager of SeedWorks Philippines that distributes the seeds.

True to its name, Prolifica is very prolific. On top of that the variety is resistant to pests and diseases. There is minimal damage from fruit and shoot tip borer, according to Bautista. This is the main problem of many eggplant farmers in Pangasinan who are growing other varieties.

The fruits are of excellent eating quality and are ideal for โ€œpinakbetโ€, torta or omelette, grilled and other preparations. The fruits have long shelf life and good shipping quality.

Because of its popularity, many seed retailers sell the seeds at a high price, according to Carlos Saplala, SeedWorks president and CEO. Actually, the retailers are making more money than we are, said Saplala

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