Properly pruned pomelos will bear a lot of fruits for higher profit.

ONE WAY to sustain better production and profit in pomelos is to prune unwanted parts of the tree.  Pruning is best done right after harvesting the main crop.

PRUNE TERMINALS – What has to be done? Pruning the terminals of branches will encourage more branching. That will result in more fruiting stems or branches

DISEASED PARTS – Dead twigs and diseased branches should be cut off. Also, water sprouts growing inside the canopy should be removed.

OPEN THE TOP – Top pruning may also be necessary. This is removing the top portion of the tree. This will  partly open the interior of the tree which is good for ventilation. There will be better penetration of sunlight. With free-flowing air, there is also less humidity which could encourage fungal growth.

WATER SPROUTS – Light pruning should be done regularly to remove unwanted water sprouts, dead and diseased twigs and branches. Also those branches that are bent and touching the ground should be removed.

TOO MANY FRUITS – During fruiting time, if there is excessive fruiting, it is also recommended to remove some of them, especially some of those in clusters.

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