Pummelos Are Blooming In Luzon

While rambutan trees in Luzon are not yet flowering at this time, the pummelo trees are flowering profusely. That’s the beauty about pummelo trees. Unlike mango trees, they don’t have to be sprayed with flower inducers to make them bloom. Even if shower or rain overtakes the flowering, there is no damage done unlike in flowering mangoes. When mango flowers are overtaken by rain, they are usually ruined because of fungal attack. Not so with pummelo flowers.

Photo shows flowers of Nam Roi pummelo, a white variety from Vietnam, at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. They will be ready for harvest by October, just in time for tasting during the Agrilink trade show which is usually held in early October at the World Trade Center-Metro Manila.

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