Pumpkin Farm With 450 Varieties Attracts 60,000 Visitors!

Farm staff and Zac B. Sarian pose with big fruit.
One of the many unusual pumpkin fruits.

WANG SHAN, a farmer now in his mid 60s, made a smart move several years ago when he converted his farm into a leisure farm that specializes in pumpkins and its many relatives. Previously, he planted honey dew melons. He collected pumpkin varieties from all over the world which he also cross-pollinated to come up with new forms.

BIGGEST PUMPKIN COLLECTION – Wang Shan Leisure Farm boasts of having the biggest collection of pumpkins in the whole of Taiwan. They have no less than 450 varieties, according to Eric Lin, Wang Shanโ€™s son who joined his father after he finished college to manage the leisure farm operation.

60,000 VISITORS – The varieties come in unimaginable sizes from the very huge to the very tiny and in between. They also come in various color patterns. Some are very nice looking while others look weird with their warty skins. All these beautiful and weird fruits make the farm stand out. They attract a lot of people. Last year, no less than 60,000 people visited the farm, paying an entrance fee of NT$60 or about a hundred pesos in Philippine money. But the farm does only make money from the entrance fee.

P12,800 BIG FRUIT – Some people may buy the huge pumpkin that weighs more than 25 kilos and which fetches NT$8,000 or about P12,800 in Philippine pesos. The very small and colorful ones could be bought by fruit and floral decorators. They can make very attractive floral and fruit arrangements for special occasions.

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