Purebred Brahman Investment Package

King Ranch of Batangas managed by King Carlos, has come up with an investment package for OFWs as well as for retirees who would like to go into breeding purebred Brahman cattle.

Three budget-friendly packages are offered, payable in two years with down payment of only 25%.

Package I – This costs P280,000 with down payment of P70,00 and P8,750 monthly installment. It includes one male and 3 females.

Package II – This costs P420,000, DP P105,000, and P13,125 monthly installment. This includes 1 male and 5 females.

Package III – This costs P770,000, down payment of P192,500 and P24,062 monthly installment. This includes 1 male and 10 females.

Along with the investment package, King Ranch will provide basic information (i.e. suppliers of vaccines, medicines and equipment) as well as free training and consultation that the investor needs. The investor will choose what initials should be branded on the cattle he chooses. The brand will serve as the cattle’s ID for the investor’s reference.

King Ranch will take care of the animals until they are two years old. King Ranch will take care of feeding, maintenance, medication and vaccines. After 2 years of age, feed charges will apply for every succeeding day in case the investor intends to prolong the stay of his stock in the premises of King Ranch.

Brahman cattle is the right breed to invest in. It is a docile animal that grows fast with weight of 750 to 850 kilos at maturity compared to 250 to 300 kilos of the native breed.

ย For more info, contact King Carlos at 0917-572-6707 or email him at ark.carlos@yahoo.com
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4 thoughts on “Purebred Brahman Investment Package

  1. I’m interested in investing pls send me additional INformation..I’m an OFW here in KSA I’m thinking of acquiring package lll
    hope to hear from you soon

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