Queen of Flowering Trees

IT’S now the blooming season of Amherstia nobilis, the so-called Queen of Flowering Trees. The tree at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal, is full of pendulous flower clusters at this time (March 8, 2012).
The flowering tree is a native of Burma or Myanmar and was named after Lady Amherst, the first lady of a governor general of India.
The Amherstia was introduced at the UP Los Banos before World War II but it has not become widespread because it does not normally bear fruit. The first time the tree in Los Banos produced large pink pods was when a senior researcher of the Department of Agronomy treated the flowers with hormone.
The tree is also difficult to multiply by marcotting. Out of 10 branches marcotted at Teresa, only two produced roots and eventually survived.
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