Quezon City Country Fair Planned

A Quezon City Country Fair is being seriously planned by a garden group that would like to present not just the ordinary garden show which may be losing its attendance due to monotonously predictable presentations.

The proponent of the QC Country Fair is the Cactus and Succulent Society headed by Dorie S. Bernabe. The idea is to draw a wider spectrum of attendees by presenting a wider array of products and services in one location.

One major purpose is also to create more awareness regarding the commercial potentials of some cacti and succulents. One of them is the dragon fruit which is a variety of cactus. The dragon fruit is increasingly becoming a commercial crop that is good for both the farmer and the consumers.

The fruit of the dragon fruit is not only delicious to eat but is also claimed to have medicinal attributes. Besides being eaten as fresh fruit, it is now being made into wine, juice, jam, yoghurt, candies and many others.

One succulent that will be highlighted is the Giant Aloe vera which produces big leaves that yield a lot of juice. The Aloe vera is not only used to make shampoo, soap and other wellness products. Aloe vera juice is claimed to have medicinal attributes, too.

In the planned QC Country Fair which is tentatively slated for middle of November this year, a lot of products from commercial farmers as well as hobbyists will be showcased. These will include fruits and vegetables, aquarium fishes, free-range chickens, small ruminants, ornamental plants and flowers, suppliers of inputs and services, organic and wellness products, processed foods from the regions and many more.

Educational lectures and seminars will be part of the country fair. Being mulled are cooking demonstrations, photography contest, on the spot painting and the like.
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