R-5 RAMBUTAN: Adjudged Best Rambutan in 1994 in Davao City

Visitors at the Sarian Farm circa 2012 pose with R-5 rambutan.
R-5 rambutan has big fruits that are very sweet and juicy.

YOU HAVE tasted the juicy and sweet fruits of our R-5 rambutan at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. You have also appreciated the very attractive red color of the fruits that are bigger than most other varieties. Beyond that, you really don’t  know much about this best-selling variety that we have been propagating the past many years.

ADJUDGED BEST – Did you know, for instance, that R-5 was adjudged the “Best Rambutan” in the First National Fruit Crops Fair held in 1994 in Davao City? It was for very good reasons. The fruits are remarkable for their big size. Jimmy Goyena who entered R-5  in the competition said that only 19 pieces made up one kilo compared to the more than 30 pieces of the other entries in the competition. The white flesh is very sweet and juicy. It had a brix reading of 26 percent compared to about 22 percent of its counterparts.

UPLB GRAD – Jimmy Goyena is a graduate of UP Los Baños who worked at the Development Bank of the Philippines until his retirement several years ago. We were among the first to obtain planting materials of R-5 from Jimmy which are now our mother trees. Up  to now, enthusiasts are buying planting materials, especially after tasting the fruits which are available in the months of July up to October.

IN ILOCOS – Fruit enthusiasts from the Ilocos in the North are only now starting to buy their planting materials because all along they thought that rambutan will not grow well in Ilocos Norte. The truth, however, is that rambutan will grow well in many parts of the country as long as proper care is provided.

CONTACT – For more information about grafted R-5 rambutan, contact Rose at 0906-551-1791 or 0947-590-0398.

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