RACHEL RAMA – Co-op Chairman’s Wife

RACHEL RAMA - Co-op Chairman's Wife
RACHEL RAMA - Co-op Chairman's Wife

It pays to have a supportive wife if you are a farmer who has assumed a lot of responsibilities because of greatly expanded activities.

Just like Juanito Rama, founder of a farmers’ cooperative in San Manuel, Tarlac that grew and grew. He is now the head of a federation of some 19 cooperatives all over Tarlac which requires a lot seminars to keep the members abreast of the latest technologies in corn and rice production. Juanito is also kept busy with the business transactions of the federation.

And so he has a limited time now to attend to production aspects of their farm that has greatly expanded. His family now plants corn and rice on 25 hectares. Of course, he is most thankful that his wife Rachel has taken over much of the day to day operations of their farm.

The latest record yield they achieved in their corn farm was 20.6 tons of grains with 13.5% moisture content. That was their ย harvest on March 21, 2014, the highest ever. And Juanito is very thankful to his wife Rachel for that. Watch for our article on the transformation of San Manuel, Tarlac into a major corn producer, thanks to the leadership of Juanito Rama and his wife.

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