Rags-To-Riches Balut Maker Sells 60,000 Baluts A Day Worth P200,000+ (P900,000 In 2017 Prices)

When Nanding de Jesus of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, started to make balut in 1979, he started with just P5,600 capital. And he incubated just a few thousand eggs right inside his modest house.

Eleven years later when we interviewed him in December 1990, he was already the biggest balut maker we had met. At that time, he had 1.5 million duck eggs set in his modern incubators inside a huge bodega. He was then selling every day more than 60,000 incubated eggs ready for cooking. His daily sales was more than P200,000. (In 2017 prices, that would be about P900,000).

In 1990, balut sold for only P3.20 apiece. In 2017, the retail price is P15 in Metro Manila.
His strategy for growing his business was not to keep the business to himself. Why? And how?

Well, he noticed that the business was rather slow in the beginning because he was the only one making balut in Sta. Maria. The big buyers from Manila would not go to Bulacan because the supply was limited. So Nanding encouraged his relatives to go into balut making, too. Soon others, including non-relatives, were engaged in the business.

That attracted the traders from Mnila to go to Sta. Maria to source their regular supplies from there. Balut making had become a minor industry. At the time of our visit, there were 28 balut makers in Sta. Maria who had formed a balut producers association.

One member we met who was just one year in the business was Raul Halili who used to be a mechanic at the Philippine Air Force. When he retired in 1989, he was inspired to follow the example of Nanding de Jesus. Just one year after he started, he already had about 40,000 eggs under incubation. He had only one helper to assist him in the operation. He himself performed most of the chores but was not complaining. He was making much more than when he was a government employee, thanks to the inspiration of Nanding de Jesus. (Memoirs of an Agri Journalist-32)

Today (2017), the retail price of balut has gone up to P15 apiece.
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  1. Hi Zac, do you have the contact numbers of those producers of balut? Or website or any social media page for them to be contacted. Thanks.

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