RAMGO FARM TIP-2: Quantity Control Can Help You Avoid Losses

If there is what they call quality control, there is also what is called quantity control. This is limiting your production to what your market can absorb. For instance, when you produce more sweet corn than what your market can absorb, that could mean loss or less income for you.

Just like what Mark Mercado of Iba, Zambales experienced the first time he planted Sweet Fortune on one hectare in 2017. He produced a good crop all right but he could not sell all of them in Iba and nearby towns. He learned his lesson, however. He had planned to plant sweet corn on just 1,000 sq.m. at a time but doing it every two weeks or so.

So, whatever you plant, sweet corn or any other crop, try to figure out what your target market can absorb and limit your production based on your educated estimate.


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