RAMGO FARM TIP: Relay Cropping Can Add Profit To Your Pocket

Relay cropping is one way you can increase productivity in your farm. Just like what Jose Madriaga of Bantay, Ilocos Sur is doing. He is one of the first to plant the hybrid Maserati shallot distributed by Ramgo Seed.

Jose Madriaga pointing to the corn plant he used as relay crop as of March 1, 2018. By June he will be harvesting his corn for livestock feed. Another option would have been to plant sweet corn instead of flint corn.

Here’s what he did. He planted his 28-days old Maserati seedlings on December 26, 2017. When the plants were 50 days old, he planted one flint corn seed per hill between the onion plants about half meter apart. When the Maserati was harvested on March 15,2018, the corn plants were already big and were expected to be harvested sometime in June for livestock feed. That means an additional income for him without any additional land preparation.

One other option would have been to plant sweet corn instead of flint corn. The sweet corn, like Sweet Fortune, could be harvested earlier – about 65 to 70 days from seeding.

In relay cropping, irrigation is very important. In the case of Madriaga, he irrigates his onion plants every nine days. He uses a water pump run either by electricity or diesel engine.

By the way, Ramgo which distributes Maserati and Sweet Fortune can be contacted by clicking the Ramgo logo in this blog or Pamela Ong Chan at 0928-501-1888.

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