RAMIE AMARDECER – Farmer Hero In Negros

Ramie Amardecer and Zac B. Sarian in
Ramie’s sweet corn plantation.

Meet an enterprising high-value crop producer who is East-West Seed Company’ farmer hero in Western Visayas.

He is 40-year-old Ramie Amardecer of Bago City who studied to become a diesel mechanic but who decided to become a full-time farmer instead.

He has been farming for the last 20 years, earlier together with his father but farming in those earlier years was not so profitable because the ordinary varieties yielded very low.

He is very thankful that he came to know the technicians of East-West who introduced to him the hybrid seeds and also gave him the proper training in growing the same.

Morena eggplant, a hybrid by East-West, has become his favorite since he first planted it in 2009. In his first cropping, he planted 3,000 hills in March. About 50 days later, he started harvesting the fruits of his plants. He did that every Monday and Friday until the end of November.

His plants were so fruitful, he was able to harvest 1.2 to as much as 2.2 tons each time. Usually, he was able to sell his harvest at P35 per kilo. In short, he was able to make P700,000 from that cropping.

From this windfall, he bought three motorcycles and a tricycle. Two of the motorcycles were for his two sons while the other one is for his own use. The tricycle, on the other hand, is for the service of his workers.

His expenses were not much. The seeds cost him about P900. The other expenses went to land preparation which was done with a carabao, fertilizers, pesticide, irrigation and labor.

Not long after, he also discovered another money maker from East-West Seed. This is the Macho sweet corn which has also become his favorite up to this day. Macho produces big ears that are very sweet, and well liked by consumers.

He now produces sweet corn on a staggered basis – planting a kilo of seeds (about 7,500 seeds) every one to two weeks. This usually gives him about 6,600 marketable ears. Because he grows them very well, he could get as many as 3,000 first class ears that fetch P8 each, 3,300 Class B ears sold at P6, and 300 third class. On the average, he grosses P46,000 from a kilo of seeds that costs him P1,800. The growing period is only 65 to 75 days.

Ramie has demonstrated that one does not have to own the land to become a successful farmer. There are many lands that are available for rent. He rents 1.3 hectare in Brgy. Lagasan at only P5,000 a year. On the other hand, he rents the two hectares in another place at P15,000 a year per hectare. That’s still very reasonable to him. After all, he is getting high yields from the hybrid seeds from East-West.

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  1. Hi Sir Zac, how does one apply to East West Seed Company? We have some land, around 4 hectares, and we are interested in the seeds of East West. Will they also help us or train us in the farming methods? Thanks Sir

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