Ready-To-Fruit & Already Fruiting Organic Vegetables In Container

Some agripreneurs produce ready-to-plant seedlings for sale to growers. At the AANI Urban Farm in Antipolo, it is different. They are producing READY-TO-FRUIT & Already Fruiting Vegetables grown in organic medium (vermicompost, carbonized rice hull and garden soil). These are intended for households, especially in the urban area, that want instant harvest in their garden.

This pepper Pangsigang is already starting to fruit.
Tita Rubia among tomatoes in plastic bag that are already fruiting. Contact her for direction to the AANI Urban Farm at 0917-898-7872.
Organic tomato in fruit.

The vegetables include tomato (already fruiting), okra in fruit, Pangsigang pepper (starting to fruit), eggplant (about to flower) and hot pepper. Those who would like to visit and buy some plants can contact Tita Rubia for direction. Her contact number is 0917-898-7872.

Okra, finger pepper, etc by the thousands.
Eggplant about to flower and bear fruit.
Fruiting okra. Ready to harvest.

The same plants are also available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. The prices are the same at the AANI and at the Sarian Farm. You can go to whichever place is more convenient for you. You can contact Rose Banzuela at 0915-002-1368 or 0947-590-0398.

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