Nathaniel Dario with large planting materials of Magallanes pomelo.

SOME PEOPLE simply can’t wait. They want to plant fruit trees that will give them their first harvest in just one year from planting. Is that possible?

POULTRY FARM – Of  course! You just have to plant large planting materials. Just like Nathaniel Dario who manages a two-hectare farm in Binangonan, Rizal. It is a poultry farm with enough vacant space for fruit trees. What he did was to buy marcots of Magallanes pomelo that are more than five feet tall. 

ADEQUATE NUTRITION – Soon after planting them in the ground, they are expected to start flowering once given the right care, particularly providing enough organic as well as chemical fertilizer with micronutriens. They could also be sprayed with biostimulants like Megafol from Zetryl Chem.

WEEDS – Aside from bearing fruit early, pesky weeds, particularly the vines, will not be able to strangle the trees. However, if he had planted small grafted seedlings that are barely two to three feet tall, they could be easily damaged by the vines.

PROLIFIC – The Magallanes pomelo is a prolific variety that bears fruit often in clusters. It is recommended, however, that the extra fruits be thinned out so the fruits will be bigger and more fleshy. Given proper care, the trees will bear two sets of fruits in one year.

OTHER TREES – Even in the case of other fruit trees, it is more advantageous to plant large planting materials. Survival is much higher than when small seedlings are planted.

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