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HERE’S ONE more proof that with good seeds, good agricultural practices, proper farm management and with the cooperation of the weather, the Philippines can produce its own rice requirements.

RICE CHAMP – Farmer Genaro Tamon of Magarao, Camarines Sur on May 12, 2020 harvested 15.73 metric tons of rice (286 sacks with about 55 kilos each) from his one-hectare farm planted to US 88. The bumper yield is more than three times the average national per hectare yield of 4.07 metric tons based on the latest quarterly data from the Philippine Statistics Authority in January 2020. This is probably the first time for a farmer from Bicol to produce such a high yield.

FLAGSHIP HYBRID – US 88 is one of the flagship hybrid rice varieties of agricultural research firm SeedWorks Philippines based in Bay, Laguna. It is an ideal rice variety for the country’s prevailing climate and is proven tolerant of the typical crop diseases that affect rice plants. Moreover, US 88 is noted for its long-grain rice with a premium, soft-eating quality.

IN HIS OWN WORDS – Tamon is thankful that he chose the right variety of rice, which he cited for his overwhelming harvest. “Wow talaga ang US 88 variety! (The US 88 variety is amazing!),” he exclaimed. “Isa itong patunay na maganda ang ani basta alagaan at bigyan ng sapat na kailangan ang palay (This is a proof that proper techniques and nourishment of rice plants can lead to a bountiful harvest).”

SUPER FEAT – “This great achievement of Mr. Tamon affirms our confidence that the Filipino farmer can competitively produce rice if we provide them the support they need,” said SeedWorks PH President Carlos Saplala. “This is a testament to the potential of agriculture in the country. We have realized during this global crisis that it is still our fellow Filipino farmers whom we can rely on for supplying our daily food requirement.”

P200,000 FOR GOOD JOB – As an added reward, SeedWorks PH has announced an incentive to Tamon in hopes that this achievement would also motivate other farmers across the country to adopt effective farming techniques. “We will give P200,000 to Mr. Tamon as recognition for his great achievement. To Mr. Tamon and the rest of the Filipino farmers, our heartfelt gratitude for producing food for our families,” Saplala said.

MULTI-AWARDED – Tamon is among the many farmer-partners for a SeedWorks PH program that guides and assists local farmers. He was also a recipient of the DA Region 5’s Rice Achievers’ Award for three years and was once recognized in DA’s Regional Gawad Saka.

THERE YOU ARE, here’s one more farmer achiever you have known.

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