Recruiting The Right Farm Worker (Tip No. 15)

(This is another tip for the aspiring as well as the veteran farm entrepreneur. It’s a digest of a chapter in our  book titled “How To Start And Manage Your Own Dream Farm” which is now out of print.)

How To Recruit The Right Farm Worker

There’s no single best way to recruit farm workers. It all depends on prevailing circumstances. Who you are, where you are, what your available resources are, and what your project is would have something to do with the way you get people to work for you.

One doctor who farms in Tanay had heard that Boholanos are hard working. So he asked a patient from Tagbilaran to look for a suitable farmhand from there. He got a newly married couple who have been farming all their lives. So far, the doctor has been very satisfied with his Boholano worker. In fact, he has asked his patient to recruit two more bachelor workers from his hometown.

Our doctor friend said that getting workers from a distant province has its advantages. First, the worker is not tempted to go home very often. So work on the farm is not disrupted.

He related that one time he had a worker from Laguna. Every time there was a barrio fiesta or whenever a relative would have a wedding or baptismal party, he would rush back home for at least a day or two. Which was not so good for the farm.

Having a married worker as a head worker on the farm is advantageous. A married worker tends to be more mature and would not think of abandoning his work anytime he wishes.

Of course, Boholanos don’t have the monopoly of being hard workers. We know of reliable farmhands coming from Mindanao, Bicol, Cagayan, Ilocos and elsewhere.

Sometimes, it is a matter of good luck. The thing is, when you have recruited a good one, be sure you will be able to keep him for as long as necessary. Up to his retirement if that’s possible.

One management consultant pointed out that most workers are basically good. Even if they are not very adept in the beginning, they could be developed into conscientious workers if they are treated the right way.

What is important, our friend said, is to spell out right from the very beginning what is expected of them to do. Tell them what the project is all about and make them feel they have a stake in the project. If the farm makes good, they will get their just reward.

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