Red Okra For A Change


These are the pods of Candle Fire, a new red okra hybrid from Known-You which won the very prestigious  All America Selection (AAS) award.

The Carmine Splendor is also high-yielding.

Some farmers are always looking for something new to grow so they can introduce into the market something unique. One possibility is to plant the Red Okra developed by Known-You Seed of Taiwan.

The latest variety developed by the company’s breeders is Candle Fire, a hybrid that won the All America Selection award. This means that the hybrid was grown all over the United States to find out if it is really outstanding. This variety is high-yielding and with good pod formation. The pods are cylindrical and very uniform.

Candle Fire is very prolific.

Okra is a favorite vegetable for cooking pinakbet in the Philippines. It is also used in salads and sometimes grilled then dipped in fish sauce when eating. Some people might even suspect that it is loaded with antioxidants because of its red color.

Another red okra is called Carmine Splendor. Understandably, Candle Fire is superior to Carmine Splendor. But the earlier variety is also a good yielder.

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2 thoughts on “Red Okra For A Change

    1. Di pa nadadala dito sa PH. It is newly awarded with the All America Award and one of the terms is that the company cannot sell the seeds until two years later. The reason I think is that so that the company cannot immediately take advantage of the award for commercial purposes..

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