RED RICE: It Has Money-Making Possibilities

RED RICE: It Has Money-Making Possibilities
RED RICE: It Has Money-Making Possibilities
BABY SPOWART expects to harvest 180 cavans per hectare of red rice.

Growing colored rice (red, black, pink, etc.) can be a profitable proposition, especially if you plant the variety that yields high.

Just like the red rice that the Vijandre Farm in Namnama, Cabatuan, Isabela is growing. Baby Spowart who operates a big rice farm there expects to harvest about 500 cavans of red rice from three hectares. The beautiful stand of her crop which is harvestable a few days from the day we took the picture (Sept. 19, 2015) makes Baby very positive about the high yield of her red rice. Knowledgeable farmers have told her that one hectare could yield about 180 cavans of palay.

RED RICE: It Has Money-Making Possibilities
YOUR BLOGGER, ZAC B. SARIAN, posing with Baby Spowart’s red rice in Isabela.

Which makes us think about the possibilities of large scale planting of colored rice for the market. The colored rice commands a much higher price than the commercial variety.  In weekend markets, colored rice sells for P80 per kilo or thereabouts. Even if it is sold at a much lower price, producing the fancy variety will still be profitable if it is as high-yielding as the one planted by Baby Spowart. The colored rice has excellent eating quality and more people will buy it if it is sold at a lower price.

Another money-making possibility is to collect different varieties of colored rice for the production of seeds for planting. Many people we know are interested to grow colored rice but they don’t know where to source the seeds.

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4 thoughts on “RED RICE: It Has Money-Making Possibilities

  1. So wonderful to know that our endemic coloured rice varieties are being raised, and that they are competitive with white rice in yield.

    Research has shown that upland, rain-fed coloured rice varieties have higher protein and anti-oxidant content than regular irrigated white rice.

    Hooray for farmers who raise these long neglected food crops — may their tribe increase!

  2. Sir Zacarias,

    Thanks for the blog and updates.
    Could you please blog the cellphone number of Madam Baby Spowart.
    So we could also order or buy red rice or seeds from her.

    Best regards,

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