RED STAR: A sweet pepper that yields sweet profits!

Beautiful Red Star fruits! The fruits could also be harvested green if that’s what the market requires.

 SEED COMPANIES are continually breeding new varieties that they can really be proud of because of their outstanding characteristics. Red Star sweet pepper is one variety that Known-You Seed Philippines can really crow about..

HIGH YIELDING – One plant can yield as many as five kilos before it withers. The fruits are thick fleshed but the skin is thin so it is very good for eating. The fruit is crunchy and has a good keeping quality.

RED OR GREEN – The fruit may be harvested green or when it has turned fully red. The green may have a little advantage in that it is harvested earlier. As such, the plant is relieved of nurturing the fruits up to full maturity. It could result in additional fruits. But then there are end-users who require red fruits for their special dishes. Maybe the reds could be priced higher than the greens.

OFW PROVES IT – Wilver Sabatchi of Mankayan, Benguet will tell you that Red Star is really a good money-maker. In his first planting, he just planted 60 seedlings. Those 60 plants produced 300 kilos of green fruits which he sold for P150 per kilo. That meant a gross of P45,000! Subsequently, he planted 5,000 seedlings. After deducting all expenses, he made a net profit of P150,000.

ELEVEN YEARS ABROAD – For 7 years, Wilber Sabatchi worked as a caregiver in Israel and four years as factory worker in Korea. He did not realize that the P40,000 to P50,000 monthly salary that he received abroad could as well be matched by his income from growing bell pepper.

Wilber Sabatchi and his harvest of green fruits of Red Star.

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