RedOrange Jackfruit on to Catanduanes!

Allan Arcilla and friends posing with RedOrange seedlings loaded in his pickup vehicle.
The dark orange pulp shown here with the so-called “rags” or inedible parts and seeds is sweet and juicy.

ONE OF THE FIRST buyers of the RedOrange jackfruit seedlings from the Sarian Farm is Allan Arcilla who works in Makati. He is developing a farm in San Andres, Catanduanes where he wants to grow jackfruit as his flagship product.

ADVANTAGEOUS – The RedOrange jackfruit is a new selection from the Sarian Farm which produces dark orange arils that are very juicy and sweet. There are advantages of planting jackfruit instead of other fruits like mango. Thereโ€™s no need to spray flower inducer to make the jackfruit bear fruit. There are less pest and disease problems in jackfruit. The usual problem is the fruit borer which can be prevented by bagging the fruit with ordinary sack.

HIGH PRICE – Jackfruit commands a high price in the market, especially in Metro Manila. You can check that out in weekend markets, supermarkets and roadside stores in Tagaytay and elsewhere.

JACKFRUIT PRINCE – When we quipped that Allan could become the RedOrange King in Catanduanes, he responded jesting that he would be contented being the RedOrange Prince

Annie and Gil Claridad pose with the RedOrange jackfruit during their visit to the Sarian Farm in Teresa. Rizal.
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5 thoughts on “RedOrange Jackfruit on to Catanduanes!

    1. Thanks Minda. RedOrange seedling is @200, pick up at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Km 36.6 Sumulong Road, about 3 km from paoengke. Teresa is next town to Antipolo.

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