REDORANGE UPDATE: Seedlings over one foot tall, many reservations!

These are 50-days old RedOrange jackfruit seedlings, photo taken April, 29, 2020. They are already more than a foot tall.

We took pictures of our RedOrange jackfruit seedlings today (April 29, 2020) when they are 50 days old. We are very pleased because they are already more than a foot tall. By late June they should be at least 3 feet tall. And they would be ready for release, Covid-19 permitting.

We are deluged with reservations coming from as far as California. Those who reserve late may be placed in the waiting list. We donโ€™t ship our plants so buyers will have to pick up their seedlings at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. The first to reserve is Phil Brill from Tablas, Romblon. Being the first, we assured him he will have his 120 RedOrange seedlings and also 120 Latexless jackfruit from Malaysia.Those who will come early will be able to taste frozen arils of RedOrange.

We are really happy to note that Agriculture is now getting to be the in-thing. So many are raring to plant after Covid-19 is gone. We are basing this from the many inquiries about what seedlings we have in our farm. It is best to contact us by texting us at 0995-584-9155 (Zac B. Sarian).

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3 thoughts on “REDORANGE UPDATE: Seedlings over one foot tall, many reservations!

  1. I have been following your page on Facebook. I am interested on the red-orange jackfruit. Per advice by Mr. Sarian, they will be ready by june, 2020. I want to order po. Please let me know, how much each? So i can arranged to pick this up from your farm in Teresa, Rizal. I have been in your farm once. I live in Angeles City. Thank you for emailing me.

    1. Please text your name to 0995-584-9155 so I can put in my cp for easy communication, And indicate how many seedlings you need. Thanks Vic. This Zac B. Sarian

    2. RedOrange seedlings @ 200. Please text youra full name to 0995-584-9155 so I can put it in my CP for easy contact. Give number of seedlings you need. TYVM

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