REMEMBERING: My first Palamuti marcot that became a celebrity!

The little Palamuti marcot in a pail with red berries.

In 2015, when we visited the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac, Ilocos Norte, they gave us a couple of grafted Palamuti bignay. We did not think much about them but we planted one between our Longkong lanzones where it was well exposed to the sun.

EASY TO MARCOT – We experimented. We marcotted a branch to find out if it is easy to do so. In less than a couple of months the marcot developed a lot of brown roots. We cut the marcot and planted it in a pail. And after several months the little marcot came up with bright red berries.

CELEBRITY – Those who came to our farm were amused, amazed, fascinated by the little berry-bearing tree in a pail. Our little marcot became some sort of a celebrity! Some visitors wanted to buy it but we didn’t sell. A seminar organizer had also wanted to buy it because she intended it to give as a gift to the resource speaker. We didn’t sell.

MONEY-MAKING POTENTIAL – That opened our eyes to the money-making opportunity that Palamuti offered. We embarked on producing as many marcots as possible for sale. From our small tree our propagator was able to produce 22 marcots in the first batch. Some were planted in bigger containers and they were also marcotted as they grew bigger.

HIGH-VALUE – In three years of marcotting, we must have produced at least 500 marcots that customers are willing to pay a good price, especially those that are in bloom or are with berries. Those marcots are worth more than a hundred thousand pesos. Not bad for a project that was prompted by a little Palamuti marcot with red berries.

Ever-bearing Palamuti. After harvesting the ripe fruits, new flowers start emerging.
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