READ THIS! The Inspiring Farming Success Of Two Batanes Kids Brought To Mindanao Many Years Ago

Pedro and Aida Loor in their corn field. They made a lot of money from corn that they planted mostly on rented land in Bukidnon.

We are sure you want to read about inspiring stories of successful farmers, don’t you? Of course, you do. Right. Here’s another one. Read on!

Many years ago, a young girl from Basco and a boy from Itbayat were brought by their parents to Wao in Lanao del Sur, most probably to escape the frequent typhoons that brought destruction to the Batanes Islands year after year.

 The girl and the boy spent their teenage years in Wao, Lanao  del Sur and got married to different spouses. The girl, Aida, became Mrs. Villamor while the boy, Pedro Loor married another young lady. Then when peace and order was a problem in 1975 in Wao, Aida and her husband resettled in Baungon, Bukidnon while Pedro Loor and his family settled in Valencia, also in Bukidnon.

Their respective families had become successful farmers growing hybrid corn and other crops. Aida and her family in Baungon and Pedro in Valencia. Then Aida became a widow in 1995 and Pedro’s wife died in 1999. In 2001, the two got married, turning over their respective assets to their respective children in their previous marriages. She had five and he had seven who were all on their own as farmers, too.

Starting farming on their own as new couple was fairly smooth because they knew the ins and outs of corn farming. Although they started again from scratch after their marriage, they had become rich once more because of their keen agribusiness sense.  

They didn’t have to buy many hectares of land to produce corn. Up to the day we interviewed them  in November 2012, they just owned four hectares of the 30 hectares that they were planting to corn in Baungon. The 26 hectares were either rented at P8,000 to P9,000 per hectare a year or were mortgaged to them. The thing was that they had a big area for growing corn so they could make more income. With the Bioseed Healer 101, Bioseed 9009 and other hybrids, farmers in Bukidnon can make a profit of about P40,000 per hectare per cropping.

It was not surprising therefore for Pedro and Aida Loor, then both senior citizens, to be able to buy a big tractor that cost at least a million pesos, a big truck for hauling their harvests, and to buy on installment a 28-hectare farm in Casisang for P8 million. They had already paid P5.5 million at the time of our interview and expected to fully pay the farm in a couple of years.

Pedro and Aida Loor pose with their big Ford tractor that cost them more than a million pesos.

The 28-hectare property was being used for sugarcane production. Using their income from corn to buy the property, the couple believed that growing sugarcane was  also a good strategy. Pedro reasoned out that although sugarcane takes at least one year to mature, it is less problematic to produce. And if the price of sugar goes up, one could hit the jackpot.

Pedro explained that in sugarcane, you don’t have to plant every year. The crop could be ratooned not just once but twice or even thrice. And so there is less cost on seed materials.

Admirable senior citizen farmers, this Loor couple! Aren’t they? Of course, they are!

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