A piggery can be tricky to manage considering the problems of high feed cost, slumping market, irregular cash flows.

In the early 1990s, a retired colonel (let’s just call him Col. Jim)  came to see us at the Agri-Kapihan in Quezon City. He sought our help to look for a buyer of his farm in La Union.

A RETURNEE – After retiring from the army, he spent many years in the United States where he was able to earn more dollars by doing some odd jobs. Then he decided to come back to the Philippines for good at 70 and bought a seven-hectare farm. He had plenty of cash and didn’t have to borrow money to plant three hectares to calamansi, a 50-sow level piggery, a broiler operation, several cattle, turkeys and some minor crops.

BIG HASSLE – It did not take long for him to realize that he was not that young anymore. Managing a big farm operation had become a big hassle. It was no longer enjoyable for a 70-year-old retiree to be saddled with serious marketing problems and erratic cash flows.

BIGGEST HEADACHE – His biggest headache came when there was an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease and the price of pork tumbled down. That time, he was losing P5 from every kilo of live animal that he sold, or an average of P400 per head.

TOO BIG TO HANDLE – The colonel came to us asking us to help him sell his property to a younger man who had the necessary drive and stamina. He simply had gotten himself into a project that was much too big for a senior citizen to handle.

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