Retired General Now A Practicing Lawyer And Avid Fruit Farmer

Gen. Marciano Ilagan and his wife Baby at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal where they got planting materials of durian, mini makopa, mangosteen and other varieties.
Gen. Ilagan is very proud of his 80 full-grown latexless jackfruit that are bearing at this time of the year.

Gen. Marciano Ilagan, PMA Class 1970, has long retired from the army but is an active practicing lawyer and an avid farmer. He has a thriving orchard in Bauan, Batangas planted to various fruit trees.

He is partiicularly very proud of his 80 full grown latexless jackfruit which at this time of the year are profusely fruiting. He notes that in the weekend markets, even ordinary jackfruit that is not latexless is being sold at a high price.

He is still adding more trees to his standing crop. He and his wife, Baby, recently visited the Sarian Farm and got planting materials of Puyat and UPLB Gold durian, mangosteen, imported mango varieties, Vietnam pomelo and the seedless makopa from Indonesia. Mrs. Ilagan particularly likes the mini makopa which can be used as an ingredient in salads. She got six ready-to-fruit mini makopa.

Mrs. Baby Ilagan likes the seedless mini makopa which can be used in combination with other ingredients in making salads.
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