RICEBERRY: Selling Like Hotcake

RICEBERRY: Selling Like Hotcake
RICEBERRY: Selling Like Hotcake
Dennis Sy, right, selling his Riceberry to Maripaz Godinez and other PHSI members.

At the recent meeting of the Philippine Horticultural Society, Riceberry sold like the proverbial hotcake. One kilo packs were sold at P200 by Dennis Sy who grew the rice from seeds obtained from Thailand.

Riceberry is a dark colored rice that is claimed to contain a lot of antioxidants that is good anti-diabetic, anticholesterol and anti-obesity, according to Ray Ong who brought the original planting materials to the country.
The Riceberry was developed by Kasetsart University. It is not glutinous and tastes like commercial rice but is prized for its high antioxidant content. In Thailand, according to Ray Ong, there are many products that have been processed out of Riceberry. They include Riceberry flour for making pastries, cakes and other preparations.

Riceberry can be grown like any ordinary rice in the lowland, according to Ray Ong.

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