Rimas Can Be Marcotted

The common belief is that Rimas or Bread Fruit can only be propagated by cutting the root and then taking out the sprout that will emerge from the cut root. Pol Rubia, vice president for operations of AANI, swears that branches of Rimas can be marcotted. He has done that in his farm in San Isidro, Candelaria, Quezon.
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The trick is simple enough. Select a branch with a diameter of about one inch. Remove the bark of a portion about 1.5 inches long. Wrap the debarked portion with moist sphagnum moss or coco coir dust one week after debarking. Don’t wrap it right away. Pol says that roots start to emerge as early as two weeks from wrapping. Cut off the rooted marcot when the roots have turned brownish.

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