ROLLY BENOSA: Cherry Tomato Grower


ROLLY BENOSA of Sison, Pangasinan is one of the few farmers growing Cherry Tomato in the Philippines. We interviewed him in front of the attendees of the Techno Forum and Agri-Kapihan at the Harbest Training Center in Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan. This is the same place where Known-You Philippines is field testing some 500 varieties of vegetables and other high-value crops.
Benosa admitted that there is a good potential in growing Cherry Tomato but he warns that one has to learn the right techniques of production before embarking on this project.
He said that he has attended at least three training classes on vegetable production. There’s a big demand for Cherry Tomato. There are now five of them who are planting this variety in Sison. They are selling their harvest at P80 per kilo. There are times when the price is higher, especially the grape type. He plants the Amber variety which is red like grapes.

Rolly also grows Japanese cucumber which he sells to a trader in Baguio. Maybe the buyer brings it to Manila, probably passing it off as grown in Baguio.

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