RONALD COSTALES has various money-making projects in his organic farm. One of them is organic pig lechon. From left: Ronald, Josie Costales, Pol Puente of Aztec Spirulina, Jane Chen (travel agent), Chen Mei Ian, Jaden Tan and Chen Ti Yi. The last three are from Taiwan. Jaden is owner of a big leisure farm in Alishan Mountain.

SMART GUY, this Ronald Costales who has been collecting award after award of late. He is also coming up with new money-making projects every now and then. The latest project at the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna, is a joint venture with Jason Javier who is based in Africa working for an oil firm.

The new venture is bottling spring water in Majayjay. Ronald had earlier bought a property with spring that supplies free-flowing water to his five-hectare farm in Brgy. Gagalot. Javier will put up the processing facilities while Ronald will take care of marketing the product. Initially, he will supply the bottled drinking water to the chain of upscale restaurants that he is supplying with his organic lettuce and other vegetables.

Ronald and Jason Javier have an earlier joint venture that has been profitable in the last three years. Jason was the first to invest in a greenhouse which Ronald uses to grow organic veggies for his clients. Ronald takes care of growing and marketing the vegetables. After each cropping, they divide the profit which is what remains after deducting the cost of production.

We are almost certain the Costales Nature Farms Spring Water will become a bestseller. Another in the pipeline is the distribution of a 5-in-one coffee brand that contains Spirulina and mangosteen aside from coffee, creamer and sugar. Spirulina is a blue green algae that is considered the most complete food in the world. It is claimed to be the answer to a wide variety of health problems.

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