RONALD COSTALES Has Big Plans With Super Napier

RONALD COSTALES Has Big Plans With Super Napier
RONALD COSTALES Has Big Plans With Super Napier
35-days old Super Napier ratoon. In 10 more days they should be ready for feeding to pigs and chickens.

RONALD COSTALES, who recently planted his initial 400 cuttings of Super Napier, is excited about the possibilities of this fast-growing and highly nutritious grass developed in Thailand by Dr. Krailas Kyiothong.

He has been computing possible combinations of local feed ingredients together with shredded Pakchong 1, the Super Napier. For instance, how much of soya and fish meal could be substituted by Super Napier, considering the high protein content of the grass?

His intention is to produce fermented feed for his organic pigs. As has been proven by Jess Domingo of Alfonso Lista in Ifugao, feeding organically grown hogs with fermented feeds is very economical and profitable. See his story in this blog or in the June 2014 issue of Agriculture Magazine.

Ronald’s bigger plan is to commercially produce fermented feed formulations for sale to people who would like to raise hogs the organic way.

He even plans to have organic pig contract growers. One scheme could be this way. He enlists a farmer who is willing to grow organic pigs which Ronald will buy back. The farmer will put up his own hog house. Ronald could supply the piglets at an indicated cost. He could also supply the feeds also at an indicated cost.

The farmer takes care of the piglets up to the time they reach 90 kilos or thereabout. At harvest time, the liveweight value of the pig is determined by multiplying the weight of the pig by the prevailing liveweight price in the market.

The cost of the piglet and feeds supplied by Ronald is computed and subtracted from the total value of the fattened hog. What remains will be divided equally between Ronald and the farmer-raiser.

The above is just one possible example. There could be variations. The farmer could shoulder all the expenses for the piglet and feeds. Then Ronald will just buy the fattened pig at prevailing market price.

As proven by Jess Domingo who initially trained at the Costales Nature Farms, the profit could be more than the cost of production even if the fattened organic hog is priced without any premium, priced just like the conventionally-grown hogs.

IMPLICATIONS – The production of fermented Super Napier feeds could really benefit ordinary farmers. They will have an excellent opportunity to make money from organic pig raising.

Ronald will also benefit from the scheme. He will be assured of a steady supply of organic pork which he can supply to his buyers of healthful pork in Metro Manila. After all, he already has a big clientele that he supplies with his organic vegetables.

Ronald will also study the right formulation for fermented feeds for his free-range chicken layers. He is also producing organic eggs for his clients who are asking for more supplies.

Well, there are really many possibilities with the Super Napier!

By the way, Ronald is conducting a two-day seminar on Organic Pig Production on June 14-15, you can check the schedules at

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  1. Sir,
    May I know how can I buy Super Napier grass and how much?I want to start planting this starting this coming rainy season.
    I will appreciate your immediate reply.

    Best Regards.

    1. Text your complete name and address to 0917-841-5477. The textback will explain everything how you can buy Super Napier cuttings for planting.

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