RoundUp Turbo Plus Launched May 29, 2014 In Davao City

RoundUp Turbo Plus, an improved version of the long-time favorite herbicide RoundUp, will be launched on May 29, 2014 at the Waterfront Hotel in Davao City, it was learned from Jay Lupanggo, Sinochem technical manager.

The improved product has smaller molecules which means it has more active ingredient and is more easily absorbed by the target weeds. It also means that less amount is needed to spray one hectare of corn field. In the case of the regular RoundUp, two liters are usually needed to spray a hectare of cornfield. On the other hand, only 1.33 liters are needed for a one hectare of corn. In effect, it costs 5 to 10 percent less to spray one hectare.

The corn field is sprayed two times. The first spraying is 15 to 25 days after planting. The second spraying is 40 days after planting. When the regular RoundUp is used, the cost to spray one hectare is about P750. With RoundUp Turbo Plus, the cost is P670 to P700 per hectare.

RoundUp Turbo Plus is distributed by Sinochem nationwide. You can contact Jay Lupanggo at 0908-880-4858.

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