Roxas City KSK Graduates Ready To Expand Their Veggie Projects

ksk roxas
IGNACIO ALABAN will expand his area for vegetables.

The participants in Batch 179 of the KSK Farmers Training Program in Roxas City are up and about, eager to practice what they have learned in the season-long dualtech training so they can improve their economic status.

Two of them are Ignacio Alaban and Elena Bernabe. Alaban, 62, is an elementary school graduate, is very positive that his training will result in increased income. He has been planting various crops since he was a kid. This time, he will expand the area that he is cultivating so he can produce more vegetables for the market.

ksk roxas2
ELENA BERNABE in her farm.

Elena Bernabe, on the other hand is an accountant who has opted to go into farming like her parents. She will make use of the improved techniques she learned from the training.

The KSK training is a project of SM Foundation in collaboration with Harbest Agribusiness of Toto Barcelona.

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