Rubber Tube For Grafting Vegetables

Toto Barcelona announced that rubber tubing for grafting vegetables is now available from Harbest Agribusiness. Also available is grafting clip.

Earlier, a number of our readers have asked us where the rubber tubing used by East-West Seed in grafting ampalaya on patola could be sourced. Now, here it is. You can contact Toto at 0917-520-3260 or (02) 671-7411 to 14.

Grafting ampalaya on a rootstock of patola (luffa) has its advantages. Technicians of East-West claim that grafted ampalaya produces 10 more harvests than those not grafted.

Aside from ampalaya, tomato is usually grafted on a rootstock of eggplant. Some growers in Korea graft watermelon or melon on a rootstock of gourd or upo.

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