SAGE ADVICE: Grow Something You Can Sell In Your Town!

Juicy tomato with special taste in demand, especially by Ilocanos.

IN these times when transport of your harvest is very costly, consider growing something that you can sell right in your own hometown or province. You will not only save money in bringing your product to market, your produce will also be more fresh when they reach your buyers. This is particularly appropriate if you live in a town or city with a big population.

Also, when the market is near your farm, you can grow crops that don’t have a long shelf life but highly in demand due to their special eating quality. You know, there are certain crops that taste very good but many farmers don’t like to grow them because they have poor transport quality and short shelf life. 

EXAMPLE – One example is the native tomato in the Ilocos which has thin skin and flat bottom. It is very juicy with a desirable acidity. It is something many consumers (especially Ilocanos) are looking for but it is usually not available in the traditional markets. When sliced or mashed, bagoong is added and this makes a special sauce for dipping grilled tilapia, hito or pork.

The trick in order to succeed is to estimate the volume that the local market could absorb and don’t overproduce. You can stagger your production, if that is possible, so that you can have a continuous cash flow. You can make a program of planting different crops that are appropriate to grow during the different months of the year so you will have something to sell year round.

Something like the native Ilocos tomato,
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