Salvador Guevarra Goes To Teresa

Salvador Guevarra of Sta. Ana, Pampanga, is a retiree who is very much interested in farming. He and his wife Angela, son Alvin and granddaughter Arella, recently visited Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. They were really excited about the Mama Sita banana and the Indian black pepper (Paniyur).
The Mama Sita is in fruit in Teresa today and they were very much impressed by its big bunch and stout pseudostem (trunk). They were likewise excited about the Paniyur black pepper growing on mahogany trees and bearing fruits.
They got planting materials of Mama Sita, Paniyur, Abiu, Golden Queen and Peach mangoes, etc.
They were truly glad to see the orchard and nursery. They were able to taste Abiu and a new banana variety from Honduras called FHIA 17 which produces big fruits that are very nice to eat. All the members of the family love fruit trees and farming in general although they reside in Manila. 

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